Certificado para Maestros de Inglés CET

Licenciatura en Enseñanza del Inglés otorgado por la SEP 

Modalidad semi-presencial y en línea con duración de 18 meses.
Iniciamos cada mes!!!


  • Acta de nacimiento
  • CURP
  • Credencial del IFE
  • Certificado de Preparatoria o equivalente
  • Certificación Inicial como Docente de Ingles (Acreditada en las Normas Específicas para Acreditacion y Certificacion de Conocimientos Correspondientes al Tipo Superior)

The content of the CET course is designed for teachers working at all educational levels. It is divided into 10 freestanding modules of 20 hours each, which cover the following areas:
  • classroom management
  • assessment
  • language awareness
  • language development
  • language systems
  • lesson planning
  • materials and resource
  • skills integration
  • teaching foundations
  • technology in the language classroom
Performance is evaluated through a variety of projects, collaborative peer work and class observation sessions. For each successfully completed module, participants receive a certificate. These contain detailed information of the skills mastered. Those candidates who successfully complete all 10 modules are awarded the official Certificate for English Teachers.

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